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3 Reasons Why Comedy is A Powerful Advertizing Strategy

  1.)  Funny Videos Are 31% More Likely To Go Viral

Comedy has the potential to pack a viral wallop. According to the The Harvard Business Review, funny videos are 31% more likely to go viral. The magic of viral videos is that they are shared, and shared and shared! Not only does this give your video wide ranging exposure, but recent studies suggest that when viewers watch videos that are shared by others, they are more likely to respond to the content than if they had stumbled upon the video themselves.

2.) Funny Ads Create an Emotional Connection

Senior social media/marketing manager for Cisco Systems, Tim Washer theorizes that ads that make people laugh can create a meaningful, emotional connection between the viewer and the product, service or company. When this happens, humor then has the power to entertain, and when consumers are entertained, they are less likely to feel like they are watching an expensive sales pitch, and are more likely to be open to your messaging. 

3.) Comedy gives Small Businesses an Edge over the Competition.

A funny video has the potential to literally level the playing field.  Since consumers respond to the content of the video and not the size of the company or the amount of money it costs to produce it, small businesses that are willing to use humor have a shot at standing apart from the larger, more conservative companies.  So, when comedy is done right, a humorous video can maximize the impact of your message, and create not only memorable content but also stand-out brand awareness in as little as 10 seconds! 



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